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Blame it on the (cold-pressed) JUICE!

"If I'm shinin' everybody gonna shine!"

Lizzo knows that it's all about the juice.

And in case you've heard the rumors but still don't REALLY know what all the fuss is about cold-pressing, here are a few factoids for ya.

#1 Get the Nutrients You Need. Because no heat or oxygen is used in the cold-pressing process, nutrients do not get lost as they typically would during pasteurization. Vitamins and enzymes can be lost or destroyed by commercial juicing, while cold-pressing gets the most liquid and nutrients out of the produce as possible. The Lightbox Cafe will be the home of the top-of-the-line Goodnature X-1 Mini cold-press juicer, which applies 1000s of pounds of hydraulic pressure to extract the absolute maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables, in under three minutes per batch!

#2 Increase Your Overall Health. Cold-pressed juice is packed with nutrients that fight toxins and supports overall health. Vegetables like carrots are often included in cold-pressed blends, are rich in potassium and fiber, as well as polyphenol and Vitamin C, making them powerful antioxidants that stimulate the brain and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Cold-pressed juice is also a great way to introduce new foods to your diet, as well as making it much easier to get in your recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables.

#3 Boost Your Immune System. Now more than ever, our society is focused on strengthening our natural defenses to infections. The nutrients in cold-pressed juice feed your body’s good bacteria, which help to suppress pathogenic bacteria! Juice is also rich in antioxidants, vitamin A (i.e., carrots, watermelon, and spinach) and Vitamin C (i.e., oranges, broccoli, and lemons), which are all great for boosting your immune system.

#4 Energize! Without the fibrous pulp from the whole fruit and vegetables, cold-pressed juice is absorbed very rapidly by your body. Drinkers of it regularly experience an almost instantaneous energy kick within as little as 20 minutes! When your body has an abundance of the nutrients it needs, and your pH is optimally balanced, you can’t help but feel energized. Juices alkalize your body, balancing the acidity levels that processed foods create. This can help your body to resist disease and also keeps your bones strong.


Throughout the course of our daily lives, most of us are subjecting our bodies to pollution, toxins, fats, acids, and alcohols that slow down or inhibit our body's ability to digest and function optimally. Drinking cold-pressed juices is the most effective way to zap instantaneous nutrition into your system.

Because of the X-1 Mini as well as our local and organic produce sourcing, our juices will provide more nutrition and less chunkiness than our competitors. Also, a longer shelf life, a more silky smooth mouthfeel and a purely potent and super delicious taste! Due to it's lightning-fast speed, we'll even be able to offer Made-to-Order cold-pressed juices for maximum customization to meet your individual needs: something that is not available anywhere else in the Philadelphia. ;)


(Start planning your dream cold-press blend today!)

Stay juicy, friends!

See you soon at the Lightbox Cafe <3

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