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To provide an oasis of plant-based bliss.

To offer non-alcoholic mood-boosting and stress-reducing beverages to help #GetLooseWithoutTheBooze. 

We are Philly's first kava kava bar and the only cold-pressed juicery south of Market Street. We will host events to bring community together around shared ideas and interests, and in addition to food and beverage, we'll offer a variety of herbal products crafted by local artisans and healers, to nourish your whole being, inside and out. 

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The Lightbox Cafe is what happens when a frustrated bartender meets an activist yoga teacher. Our offerings originate from our own inclinations and pay homage to all that has ever influenced our tastes and pleased our palates. We will offer a vegan menu without pretension, seeking to draw in carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores alike! As well as those who drink now and then and those who have chosen sober-living.

An all-day cafe for all beings.

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